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Destination Angels Camp Launches Innovative Business Incentive Program

Initiative brings existing local businesses together to support new and expanding businesses in the area

Angels Camp, CA,– Angels Camp is encouraging new business through an innovative new program created by a volunteer organization and supported by local businesses. The Business Incentive Program has been launched by Destination Angel’s Camp, a public-private partnership established to implement an economic development plan for Angels Camp, to provide savings to new and expanding businesses in the form of discounts from local businesses.

The Business Incentive Program offers money-saving incentives to existing businesses in Angels Camp that are expanding and to new businesses locating in the area. The incentives include 25 percent discounts on the first $1,000 of goods and services provided by businesses already located in Angels Camp and the surrounding area.

“Traditional business development programs offered by municipalities tend to focus on tax incentives and government services,” said DAC spokesperson. “The Business Incentive Program offered by Destination Angels Camp is truly unique. Local businesses have come together to offer their products and services to new and growing businesses at a discount with the hope of easing some of the costs associated with starting and expanding a business.”

To qualify for the Business Incentive Program, a business must meet the following criteria:
• Be an existing Angels Camp business that is expanding or a business that is new to Angels Camp
• Be located, or be in the process of locating, in Angels Camp or its sphere of influence
• Have a current City of Angels Business License and any other required licenses/permits
• Have a valid lease for rental premises or proof of purchase if purchasing property or a business

Once accepted in the Business Incentive Program, organizations receive a wallet-sized card to present at participating sponsors to obtain the available discounts. Currently there are more than 30 businesses in Angels Camp offering their products and services, ranging from computer service and repair, security, electrical, HVAC, metal work, furniture and appliances, graphic design, printing and signage, plumbing, marketing, landscaping and much more.

For more information about the Business Incentive Program, visit or call 209-736-0088.