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The Clothesmine – Tag, You’re It!

The Clothes Mine, LogoJames & Tracy Lindenberger have a lot going on – between 3 bustling stores in 3 towns along the 49, the kids after school activities and an upcoming grand opening here in Angels Camp, time is short. But they are gracious as always as we sit down at their newest Clothes Mine location in Angels Camp – located on the corner of Stockton Road in the large Save Mart Shopping Complex.

Their website is 

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 I’m here to learn more about them before their Grand Opening on Thursday September 8th at 5pm, where they will kick off a fall sale of an additional 25% off of clearance items for the month to coincide with their opening. (Don’t miss their grand opening promotions at the bottom of this post!) 

“I got into the retail business at the original Clothes Mine with my family in Sutter Creek when I was 11 years old, it’s what I’ve been doing my whole career” Tracy tells me. Thereafter, the couple met at Saks 5th Ave outlets – both of them working in retail management, Tracy as the manager, James as the assistant manager.  They went their separate ways for a while, both working in retail – at Saks, Foleys department store (now Macy’s),  and they both learned the science of successful retail management before meeting up again and forming the ultimate partnership in marriage before expanding on the local family boutique business here on the 49 corridor.

Sweaters Accessories coats“What we both brought to this local business is a ton of experience with large scale specialty store boutiques. We know how to run a great POS system, analyze the products that sell, know what to buy in what season, and make sure everything is measured for the best possibly results not only in our retail sales, but our customer experience as well. We want people to come into the store and find what they are looking for, or find something that excites them, a unique item they couldn’t find anywhere else locally.”  

And boy are they organized, they both know exactly every brand I point out on the floor in the store as I ask them about their products.  “When we go to market at the shows, people always say we are the most organized buyers. We know what colors, sizes, styles we need before we get there. It makes it more fun, less stressful and ultimately better for our customers.”

The Clothes MineBut their primary focus has always been customer service – Tracy explains that this is even the genesis for the store in Angels Camp – “My family has owned the boutique in Sutter Creek for over 40 years, and we opened here in Angels Camp because our customers asked us to.” 

They explain that although they carry a selection of popular clothing for men as well as Tux rentals, their target customer is a woman in her 30s- 70s who wants to be able to find great quality clothing for work and for life without having to drive to the city to shop. They have a wide variety “Basics” program; pants, slacks, jeans, skirts, sweaters, as well as cute dresses for special occasions. They also sell accessories, bags, and a selection of jewelry from local artists. “We work hard to be the store you can count on”. This fall they are expanding their selection of plus size clothing and looking into adding an Athleisure wear line – clothing that can be worn for yoga, tennis, golf, and then carry on as casual, easygoing daytime clothing as well. “We don’t have as much tourist traffic yet as we used to downtown – but we fully anticipate we will in the near future, people just aren’t used to seeing us in this new location yet.”  

IMG_8816I watch them both arrange clothing on the tables and the shelves as we wrap up the interview,both of them tucking tags and refolding sweaters and jeans, such a learned and natural movement that it’s done almost subconsciously at this point. It strikes me that they are really cute together – how much they compliment each other in this business, and how sincere they are in their desire to help people find the right fit, both literally and in style.IMG_8788

“We just want to be a resource for our community. We want our customers to always give us feedback and help us continue to serve them better.”  

As I head out the door, they give me details about the specials and giveaways they will be doing at the grand opening and for the entire month of September – It would be selfish of me not to pass them along to the good folks of Angels Camp so here you go!

  • 10% OFF all regular price purchases on September 8th
  • Additional 25% OFF clearance merchandise for the entire month of September.


  • Denim fit event, French Dressing Jeans: Be one of the first six customers to try on a pair of French Dressing Jeans and receive a cute FDJ tote bag!
  • Denim fit event, Lola Jeans: Try on a pair of jeans from Lola, our newest denim vendor, and be entered in a drawing for a free pair. The promotion will kickoff on 9/8, but will run for the whole month of September.
  • Pant try on event, Slimsation: Try on a pair of Slimsation pants and be entered in a drawing for a free pair! The promotion will begin on 9/8 and run for the whole month of September.
  • Local jewelry designer jewelry drawing: During our grand opening event, meet one of our local jewelry designers, Becky Barnes of Murphys, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a free piece of jewelry that Becky has designed. 

So now that you know all about the deals they are offering, and since fall is coming and you are surely missing some essential piece in your fall wardrobe, it’s your turn to visit their newest store location, mention this article and take advantage of their September sales! Tag, you’re it!