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Destination Angels Camp Development Corporation is a not-for-profit, private economic development agency working to recruit and support business growth an opportunity on Angels Camp. DAC is supported by financial and in-kind contributions from local business and its services are available to anyone who wants to start or grow their business.

DAC is run by its passionate, all-volunteer board of business executives and professionals. It receives financial support from the City of Angels’ annual budget, its Community Advisory Council, its board of directors and sponsorship of various programs.

DAC is a non-profit public benefit California 501c3 corporation.

DAC is the successor to the Angels Camp Branding Leadership Team that was set up by the mayor in late 2008 to implement the recommendations of the Angels Camp Branding Development and Marketing Action Plan to build Angels Camp’s position as a major tourist destination and the base camp for Sierra mountain sports.


Our mission is to create a sustainable 21st Century economy for Angels Camp.


Our purpose is to foster Angels Camp through economic development to create a vibrant business environment rich in appeal for Angels Camp residents, businesses and visitors, with an emphasis on strengthening the historical downtown as a critical element in the greater community fabric.

This will be achieved through 1) economic development including business retention and recruitment activities and programs in conjunction with community organizations, city officials responsible for economic development; and 2) destination development with the goal of developing Angels Camp into the mountain sports capital of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Long-Term Initiatives

  1. Build the local economy on Angels Camp’s strengths and uniqueness
  2. Build social and economic capital
  3. Build tourism infrastructure year-round for residents and visitors alike


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