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DAC Releases “Angels Camp 49 Best Things To Do”

DAC is proud to announce the release of 49 Best Things to Do in Angels Camp Brochure! Click on image above to download!

DAC is proud to announce the release of 49 Best Things to Do in Angels Camp Brochure! Click on image above to download!

DAC is proud to announce the release of a new brochure that highlights the 49 best things to do within a 2-hour drive of the town.

“It’s all the idea of a base camp,” said Anne Forrest, chief executive officer of Destination Angels Camp. “People stay here, maybe they eat and go to the movies, but they go for a day trip out of here, which is what a lot of people do.”

Angels Camp was established as a mining camp by the Angel brothers and served as an outpost for the rough and tumble breed of that bygone era. But the town’s spirit remains the same, and it wants to maintain its place as an outpost – this time for tourists.

“Angels Camp is within a 2-and-a-half to 3-hour drive from millions and millions of people,” Forrest said. “And the idea is to get them up here for more than just driving through.”

The list of 49 categories included in the brochure focuses on outdoor activities, though it highlights a number of other tourist attractions and activities that can entice visitors to take trips throughout the Mother Lode.

“I would say it’s heavy on the mountain sports but it also has plenty of other recreational suggestions,” said Lisa Boulton, executive director of the Calaveras Visitors Bureau. “It just goes to show how much incredible diversity there is and activities available for people visiting this area.”

The list of activities available in the area ranges from A to Z and includes everything from beer and wine tastings to festivals to dining to all things outdoors.
The brochure has been years in the making, going all the way back to 2010.

“It was a committee effort,” Forrest said. “It just took time, and it’s all volunteers.”

The group brainstormed a lengthy list of activities available, adding and subtracting destinations as they tried to make the list manageable.

“It’s fantastic to finally get it finished,” Boulton said. “It was kind of hard to pare down to just 49 categories of things to do. There’s a lot of details that go in there.”

The brochures were completed in mid-December and they’ll now be distributed throughout the county and beyond.

“We have them at the Post Office, the Visitors Center, all the lodging and shops,” Forrest said. “And after the New Year, we’ll think about distributing outside the county.”

“We’ll definitely take it to our state fair booth – Calaveras County’s booth,” Boulton said. “I’ll definitely take them to travel shows. I think there are a lot of uses.”

This includes the economic investment that could follow on the heels of such a comprehensive list.

“Another thing we want to do is encourage investment in the community,” Boulton said. “This brochure will help demonstrate we are well positioned to attract mountain sports businesses to Angels Camp.”

Click here to download new brochure!

Reprinted from Calaveras Enterprise article by Stephen Crane