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Starting a Business In Angels Camp

We are pleased that you are considering Angels Camp as the location for your business. We appreciate the importance of our local business community and the benefits that successful growing businesses bring to our community. We are here to help and offer services and programs to assist in the growth and success of your business.

The following information is provided to assist you through the process of establishing or expanding your business in Angels Camp. At any time throughout this process, feel free to contact the Director of Planning and Building at (209) 736-1346 or for answers to your questions.

One of the basic steps in starting your new business is to review applicable City, County, State and Federal regulations and obtain any necessary licenses or permits. The following lists some of the requirements at each level of government. It is a general guide and should not be considered an all-inclusive checklist. Requirements vary depending on the type, size, location, etc., of the business.

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Zoning Regulations
Before you sign a lease or apply for any permits, it is important that you check with the City of Angels Planning Department to ensure that the proposed use is allowed on the property. While most permits can be obtained quickly, certain types of permits may take up to 3 to 6 months and include a public hearing.

Planning Department (209) 736-1346 or

Fictitious Business Name
If you intend to name your business anything other than your personal name, you must file a Fictitious Business Name Statement with the Calaveras County Clerk’s Office. Calaveras County Clerk (209) 754-6371
Business License A business license is an annual tax you pay for doing business within the city boundary. It is required before any business is conducted within the City, even if your place of business is physically located outside the City. You will need to contact City Hall to apply for a business license.

City of Angels—City Hall
(209) 736-2181

Water/Sewer Service
If you will be responsible for the water and sewer bill at your business location, please contact City Hall for an application.

Separating business and personal accounting is essential. Contact the bank of your choice directly. Angels Camp has branches of five national banks. You may need a Fictitious Business Name Statement to open a business account.


Planning Permits
Many businesses can be started with few permits; however, other more intensive businesses will often require special permits before the business can begin operations. These are Conditional Use Permits and Planned Development Permits and usually require environmental review and public hearings. These permits will take time to acquire, so factor this into your plans. Furthermore, if you have a home-based business including a vacation rental, you will need to apply for a Home Occupation Permit. Please contact the Planning Department for these permits.

Sign Permits
Before ordering or installing a new sign or modifying an existing sign, please contact the Planning Department. All signs need a permit including any temporary signs, such as banners, window signs, or flags. A building permit may also be required for sign installation. Most sign applications can be reviewed by the Planning Department. However, if the business is located in the Historic District, all signs have to be reviewed by the Planning Commission.

Building Permits
A building permit is needed for all construction in the City. In most cases, a permit is also required for replacement of existing construction, additions, remodeling, and commercial tenant improvements. Contact the Building Official with any questions regarding building codes. You may have to contact the Fire Marshall to see if the building meets current California Fire Codes. Demolition permits may also be issued at the time of building permit submittal. If the business is located in the Historic District, all changes including painting may have to be reviewed by the Planning Commission.

Planning Department 200 Monte Verda St., Suite B Angels Camp, CA 95222             (209) 736-1346

Building Department 200 Monte Verda St., Suite B Angels Camp, CA 95222              (209) 736-1346

City Fire Marshall 1404 Vallecito Road Angels Camp, CA 95222 (209) 736-4081


Fictitious Business Name
If you regularly transact business in the State for profit under a fictitious business name, you will need to file a Fictitious Business Name Statement with the County Clerk’s Office at 891 Mountain Ranch Road, San Andreas, CA 95249, (209) 754-6371.

Health Permits
Contact the County Environmental Health Department at 891 Mountain Ranch Road, San Andreas, CA 95249, (209) 754-6399 for the appropriate permit if your business/project is associated with any of the following: retail food sales, public pools/spas, farmers markets, medical waste, hazardous waste, tattooing, body piercing, permanent cosmetics, landfills, compost facilities, or trash trucks.

Board of Equalization
Every person, firm, partnership, or corporation intending to sell tangible goods ordinarily subject to sales tax is required to apply for a California Seller’s Permit. Wholesalers, as well as retailers, must apply for a permit for each place of business. You must obtain a Sellers Permit whether your business is commercial or home-based or sales or repair oriented. If you have questions or want to apply for a Sales Tax/Seller’s Permit and/or Resale Certificate, contact the Board of Equalization at (916) 227-6700 or online at

Employment Development Department
If you pay your employees in excess of $100 during a calendar quarter, contact the Employment Development Department for requirements pertaining to State Income Tax withholding, and Unemployment and Disability Insurance at (800) 300-5616 or at

Franchise Tax Board
For information on the personal or corporate state taxes resulting from your business activities, contact the Franchise Tax Board at 3321 Power Inn Rd #250, Sacramento, CA 95826-3893, (800) 338-0505 or

Internal Revenue Service
For information on an Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or Federal Withholding Taxes, please contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at 4643 Quail Lakes Drive, Stockton, CA 95207, (209) 942-1910 or online at

To print out and read about this and other important phone numbers please download the pdf  by clicking here.