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Why We’re Big Fans of Angels Body Shop!

Body Shop Logo white Determination and nostalgia… are the co-mingled emotions showing on Jennifer Stock’s face as I meet with her at “Angels Camp Body Shop”, her professional fitness studio in downtown Angels Camp this balmy June afternoon.  I’m here to learn more about The Body Shop and promote her new business to the broader community of Angels Camp. In the first two minutes of our conversation, I’m already touched by the memories she’s shared with me of growing up here in Angels Camp and why she is doing what she is doing.


“Having been raised by a family whose mottos were “Just Keep Moving” , “Keep On Keeping On” and “Go Make Some Memories” it’s not surprising that Jen found her love and passion in Fitness and encouraging people to have a good time while getting a sweat on.”


What are the benefits of a downtown location? 

The Margaretic’s who are the owners Dream Come Trueof building have been very generous in their support to help Jennifer get the building in shape. They put in the wood floor for her, helped with the beautiful paint job and have been incredibly supportive to help get the business up and running quickly. “ I have had this dream for a long time – when I was little my dad used to work at the autobody shop in downtown Angels Camp – and as long as I can remember, I have had this dream of the Body shop – a 40s – 50s era style place where we could work on our bodies and just have fun.  When I came home to visit one day 3 years ago – I looked over at the body shop and started daydreaming about what I could do with the business – I have always envisioned in being in downtown Angels Camp. There was a lot of buzz about the new owners of the hotel coming in and I saw a great opportunity to have a location to work both with the local community and with guests to our community. The owners met me in that vision and loved the concept of the retro styling. They were intrigued by the idea of a fitness studio that would bring vitality to the downtown community and potentially serve their future hotel guests.”


The more fitness instructors a community has, the more options someone has and there is a new level of variety that is really positive for the community.


Body shop class workout

What got you into this profession & what makes you want to continue what you’re doing when you have a rough day? “My profession is so rewarding – the best part is the community that it creates.  I love being a bridge to helping people reconnect to each other, helping people reconnect to their inner self that they may have forgotten about – seeing how they come alive and support each other and then have this bond that may have been missing in their life. Giving someone a chance to feel that they are strong again – that they can get healthy, wear their favorite old jeans and gain self-confidence again. My job allows me to work out, be the bridge to help people improve themselves again and connect to others in their community – and that is very rewarding. People need a healthy place to take a break – I love to be a place for them to do this.”


Body Shop Photo of classWhat will the flow of the class and energy be to a new person trying it for the first time? “ You will experience a definite sense of camaraderie – I want you to work hard and compete with yourself more than with your neighbor.”   I see for myself that Newbies will immediately feel welcome because it’s clean and professional and relaxed. Jen has invested in new and innovative equipment and plays a creative mix of music – fun new music as well as boppin oldies. “ You will definitely be challenged – on equipment, on certain exercises – if you take my base class which is a combination of base camp, burlesque and yoga – it’s going to take you a class or two to adjust – but you won’t be bored and you definitely won’t have experienced the same class anywhere else. The woman next to you is going to be complimenting and encouraging you and helping you along.” If you take a look at the Facebook page for Angels Body Shop, you’ll see the positive and active community Jennifer is talking about.


Body shop single workout imageWhat methods or styles of classes do you offer?  “I really love using TRX because it accommodates all different fitness levels so many people can participate in one class as the angles can be adjusted based to allow customization for resistance and intensity.  I would definitely suggest that first times try my  BASE class – which stands for  buti, attitude, strength, evolution. BASE has it’s roots in booty yoga, one of the newer trends in recent years stretching, bootcamp style exercise, burlesque, yoga moves, etc. and it’s a really unique class to come and try. It makes the exercise really fun.”


What brought you back here now Jennifer? “When I was working in training at resorts – the fantastic resort facilities  and classes weren’t cost effective or available for the surrounding community to use. The locals couldn’t afford to take classes. Here at Angels Body Shop ALL of  my clients will experience resort level amenities, classes and equipment in a locally owner studio designed for the use of locals that is cost effective, community oriented, light hearted and fun.”  


Jen Stock coachingAs we wrap up our interview and her 5:30 clients start to bounce through the door, Jennifer glances briefly at her watch, then out the window to the historic buildings on main street and smiles. The afternoon light catches in her blue eyes and glints off her blond hair which is pulled back into a practical pony tail. I smile along with her and find myself feeling so proud to be a fellow business owner and resident in our town. A person whose core essence conveys lightness and joy, but doesn’t allow the mistake of thinking she’s someone to take lightly.   This local girl made good has brought some real substance to our community. Walk through the doors of Angels Body Shop  yourself, and you’ll see just what I’m talking about.


– Written By The Get Smart Group for Destination Angels Camp

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